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Caught in the middle.

The Discovery

I came across a story recently, first circulated via video around five years ago which I found extremely intriguing all the same.

A man whilst travelling on the interstate in Memphis in the United States of America found himself on the bank off the interstate after he was side swiped by another vehicle, this resulted in his vehicle colliding into a pole. Unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle that caused the sequence of impact, fled the scene but amazingly, bystanders saw what transpired and rushed to the aid of the driver who was wedged by his steering wheel and caught in the middle of an inferno.

The Good Samaritans

One of the bystanders could be heard praying out loud and others decided to douse the man with water and attempt to pull him out of the vehicle, especially after hearing a blood curdling crackling coming from the vehicle, which hastened everyone’s actions for fear that the vehicle would explode. The bystanders managed somehow, to drag the man out of his vehicle away to a safe distance on the bank and waited for the emergency services.

Incredibly when the emergency services arrived, the man was free from any life changing wounds and apart from a few bruises and neck collar required due to whiplash caused by the collision, he was unscathed and taken to hospital. The vehicle however was incinerated, not fit for purpose yes you guessed correctly, it was a total write off!

Once the flames were extinguished and a vehicle inspection was carried out it was revealed that an item found on the passenger seat intact was none other than The Holy Bible.


Scientists share a theory that bibles are usually coated in liquid and can repel heat, and the same can be said for the bibles with leather covers. The theory did not explain why neither page of the bible was charred when the interior of the vehicle was destroyed leaving behind a near burnt-out shell.

One of the bystanders who heard that an unmarked and intact Holy Bible made it through the fire, subsequently relayed the following statement to the reporter “there is a God, so those who don’t believe, I don’t know what to say”.


What we have seen demonstrated here is divine protection for the driver and certainly for God’s written word and the power of prayer. It is not surprising that this story about a bible surviving devastating fire is not unique.

No one is suggesting that one burns a bible to test this theory. I personally would not want to test the wrath of God.

Do we give thought to who protects us day to day and who wakes us up each morning? Do we believe there is a greater power that exists and oversees all things? Do we believe there is someone available to call upon unconditionally day and night? Do we believe in our heavenly Father Jesus? The simple question is do we believe?

You may be inclined to think this story highlighting the fireproof bible event is a little farfetched, a trick or a perhaps a coincidental event. In any case do ask yourself, whether you do believe there is a living God and if not, what it would take for you to believe? Would it need praying for a miracle?

The bible book of Isaiah chapter 43: verses 2-3 scriptures recite what God said and echoes who God is;-

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned - the flames will not set you ablaze. 3 For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour ;


What we can learn from this story is that the power of prayer is real once you believe that the one and true living God, our heavenly Father is real.

The bible book of Job chapter 22 verse 27 states, 27 you will pray to him, and he will hear you, and you will fulfil your vows.

These scriptures are powerful and could render food for thought.


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